About the Author

I'm Colin Tindle, a front-end web developer based in Glasgow, UK. I work for FanDuel, on a hybrid React Native/React Web application.

As much as I love working with React and React Native, my first love is the web. HTML, CSS and "vanilla" JavaScript have been at the core of my personal projects for a very long time.

I have a portfolio (made in vanilla JS) showing a bunch of these off. CodePen also host much of my webby shenanigans. Oh, and of course GitHub.

Currently, I'm learning Next.js which is a really exciting way to develop for me. Being able to write React component based apps, which can be run without JavaScript enabled, is great for most websites I find myself making outside of work - this one included.

Of course I'm out there on social media (Twitter, Instagram) but I don't post that much just now.